Starting point

"Passion Breaks Borders"

"Passion Breaks Borders" is an awardwinning flyfishing film about how passion is the fuel of life.

The Idea of the film "Passion Breaks Borders" came to us during a discussion over Facebook´s Messenger. We (Jim, Olli and Ali) felt like there was something missing with most of the flyfishing films out there today. What we felt was missing was the showing of the ordinary flyfisherman. You know he or she who just enjoys being out there, trying hard to catch the king of fish, being with friends and uses the hobby as an escape from the day to day life. You know about he/she who doesn´t catch fish every day, doesn´t afford to go the the most remote and

expensive places and who add more to this than just number of fish.

We are those kind of guys so what could be more perfect then to let others tag along on one of our fishing trips? Said and done. We brought some cameras and went fishing. The result is "Passion Breaks Borders" and we are so proud of it.