Ali, Olli and Jim

We are the Scandinavian United Flytyers, ScUFt

Scandinavian United Flytyers, ScUFt, is three guys who have the same passion for Flyfishing and flytying.

ScUFt started as a way to promote our style of flytying in December 2014.

Jim and Olli got together under the same flag and started the project as a way to show the world their flytying. It didnt take long until they got some great response from around the world. They soon decided to do more that "just" tying flies.

In Ocktober 2015 they went to Fly Fest in Penrith,

England. There they met Ali and soon they became really good friends. In the summer of 2016 during the recordings of "Passion Breaks Borders" Ali was invited as a team member. He thankfully said yes straight away!

Now ScUFt is way more than fly tying. Now ScUFt is a way of life!

You are strong when alone but you are anvincible when among great friends!

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